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National Integration Day

Category : Activities | Sub Category : National events Posted on 2020-10-16 23:52:38

National Integration Day

National Integration Day is remarked on 19 November 2013 all over India. It is greatly admired as the birth anniversary of the first woman Prime Minister of the India, Indira Gandhi. The National Integration day is renowned to enhance the unity and love among humans all across the nation.

The aims of national integration is to bring all these different racial, religious, cultural and linguistic groups together into one single nation with a national consciousness. It aims at removing socio-cultural, economic inequality and strengthening unity and solidarity.


 Importance in India.

India is a country that comprises so many different races, religions, cultures and language groups. All these diverse elements have to be woven into a single whole–the nation. Hence, the issue of national integration is required. 


National Integration Day is commended each year to energize individuals about the solidarity, harmony, love and fellowship among them.  To advance the congruity among Indian individuals as opposed to being assorted variety in the Indian culture as far as culture, different dialects, religions, topographical assorted variety and so on. 

To unite the adolescents and others of different strict backgrounds, social, social, affordable and instruction to the camp to stir up with one another, comprehend and work in a gathering. To grow better comprehension among adolescents about differing recognitions, beliefs and ways of life to fortify the solidarity of individuals in the public arena.

National Integration Day praises Indias solidarity in decent variety culture and spreads the significance of public trustworthiness. Adolescents from varying backgrounds join and commend the day to spread concordance among individuals. Numerous functions are composed all through the nation on the event of National Integration Day. Individuals from every ideological group give proper respect to Indira Gandhi on Shakti Sthal, the resting spot of her at Raj Ghat, New Delhi.

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