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"Mr. Kannan is removed from Human Rights Cell Tamilnadu with immediate effect i.e 16th March-2023 upon telephonic complaint received from Chairman Human Rights Cell [ Tamilnadu & Pondicherry ] What ever his involvement in anti-national/unlawful activities, has been done in his own capacity and Human Rights cell is not responsible for his activities."

Welcome to Human Rights Cell Motto: Nation First

Meet Mr. Rama Krishna

I Pledge to uphold the Rights of my fellow Human Beings and stand up to raise my voice when they are denied. I also stand for the integrity of my Nation and unity of my people

A biased stance, against certain class of people cannot be termed human rights. At times, it all needs sacrificed from individuals for sake of Society, or for that matter Nation. Many great leaders ended their lives for the sake of society. Rights cannot be narrow in sense, and have a broader approach. We achieved freedom by sacrifice of great leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar, Bal Gangadhar Tilak.. and of course our Bapu Mahatma Gandhi led the struggle to the end. Let’s upkeep our freedom and keep our nation high in the world.


Meet Our Team

D. Srinivas

National General Secretary

N. Surya Prakash

National Secretary (Finance)

K.V.K. Srinivas Rao

National Secretary (Coordination)

Madem Venkata Ramakrishna Sastry

National Organising Secretary

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Help us bring life to HUMAN RIGHTS, raise awareness of abuse and ways to resolve them. A membership helps us continue our work and to take forwarward the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Educate the people on their rights Human Rights groups create events for raising awareness on a broad scale. We resolve to Identify barriers of social stability and design evidence-based plans for policymakers, program designers, and donors that empower rights . 24-hour helpline service for rescue and distress calls. Be a part reescue services and emergency response with linkage with existing mechanisms and to systematically offer legal, moral, and social support, reach out, respond to victims of abuse and violence.


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