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Environmental - Issues

Environmental - Issues

Environmental - Issues

World is experiencing dramatic climatic changes, leading to shifting of seasons, famines, cloud busters etc.. Green house gasses increases global warming, resulting in melting of polar/green landic ice caps, glaciers which are perenniel source of water to countries like india. With the melting of ice, sea level raises and costal areas are being washed out or submerged in the seas, leading to displacement of costal population.

United Nation Environmental Program ( UNEP ) is providing leadership in transition to low carbon globe, provide guidence to implement legislative and institutional frame work to mitigate post conflict disaster management, restoration ecosystem in manner consistant with sustainable development, through its Global Program of Action ( GPA )

United Nations declared 16th. September is declared as world ozone day and 2020 to 2030 as UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Air Pollution : Causes

Burning of fuel wood

Lack of proper garbage & waste removal system

Especially medical and electronic waste

Transport system : Vehicular emissions due to fuel adulteration & poor combustion of fuel

Fly ash from thermal plants

Large scale burning of crop remanants post harvesting

Haze and smoke along Ganga Basin and in cities like delhi is belived to be dust from pakistan and middle east, air pollution from large cities like Delhi, Kanpur and Large scale burning of crop remanants post harvesting

Air pollution is belived to cause respiratory deceases like Bronchitis, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Decease ( COPD )

Water Pollution : Causes

Lack of proper sewage treatment facilities

Diversion of consumer water and factory waste into rivers

Cremation practices in and around rivers

Lack of flood control and monsoon water drainage systems resulting in mixing up of rain water with sewage

Industrial pollution

Industrial pollution : People around Ghaziabad face hazardous heavy metal residues in vegitables due to industrial pollution and built of heavy metals in soil.

Towards environmental protection in Inda

Water ( Prevention & Control of pollution Act ) - 1974

Amendment of Constitution article 48A of part VI safe guarding forests and wild life - 1976

Forest Conservation Act - 1980

Air ( Prevention & Control of pollution ) Act - 1981

Ministry of Environment & Forests formed - 1985

Environmental ( Protection ) Act -1986

Noise pollution ( Regulation & Control ) Act - 2000

Ban on single use Plastics - 2019 ( effective from 2nd. October 2019 )